The indicated prices are per property per night and are therefore independent of the number of tourists.

We would like to point out that both holiday flats are suitable for up to 5 people each, and therefore the maximum number of tenants is 10 people for our vacation home.

The only cost that would otherwise come to you, are the tourist tax, which is paid for each person over 14 years every day, and a one-time cleaning charge.

From two weeks stay accounts for the cost of cleaning.

Otherwise, you incur from our side no additional costs or fees, but remember that self-catering is true with us.

We offer a welcome to a complimentary breakfast and a free barbecue dinner with homemade wine and other beverages.

Seasonal Prices

Period One Holiday Flat Both Holiday Flats
01.01. - 01.06. 69 120
01.06. - 01.07. 79 140
01.07. - 01.09. 89 170
01.09. - 01.10 79 140
01.10. - 01.01. 69 120

Incidental Costs

One Holiday Flat Both Holiday Flats
Visitor's Tax 0,97 0,97
Final Cleaning 20 30
Ferienhaus Diana Kvarnerbucht

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